Monday, July 4, 2011

Last hike in Hawaii: Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail!

OMG, I gained a total of 10 pounds in my one month of staying in Hawaii! No regrets though, the food was amazing and the locals really know what things to put in their mouths. The local cuisine is amazing! Hungry tummies + Japanese culture = AMAZEBALLS. Haha! I noticed this trip that anything filling can be characterized as Hawaiian cooking. Fried chicken and/or burger steak with two huge scoops of rice, spaghetti with beef stew and the all-famous spam musubi (spam on top of a brick of rice and fastened together with a small strip of seaweed) all have one thing in common: that they can fill a hungry tummy! I really loved all the food. :)

That was a mouthful about the food! Now on to the highlight of this entry: my last hike in Hawaii!

The trail up Makapu'u was REALLY long. It's a winding road that starts at the base of the mountain and zig-zags up it, and though they do call this a "lighthouse trail," you don't really get to see much of the lightouse when you're up there. You see glimpses of it but not really a good view of it, and you definitely don't even get near it. So the name is quite misleading, I must say.

On the drive there we saw Koko Head! I couldn't help but take a gorgeous shot of it. :)

Halfway there! There was an informative board showing facts about whales, but it isn't whale-watching season so we didn't read much about it.

And we're at the top! It was quite a walk but nothing like Koko Head. I just felt it to be quite misleading, because online it said that it was an easy hike and great for young and old people alike, but it was long and hot! Haha. I saw lots of kids, dogs and an old couple walking though. This is a panoramic photo that I took with my iPhone 4.

From the top of the trail you get a spectacular view of Rabbit Island and a neighboring shoreline. It's really very beautiful and the water's a much deeper shade of blue compared to what we have back home in Manila.

After the hike was done, we drove to the viewing point which is just a cliff where you can see the view of the neighboring beaches.

All the hikes that I did in Hawaii made my last trip there very memorable, and I probably would have gained WAY more than ten pounds if I hadn't arranged them with my dad, haha! Plus, we now have awesome photos to boot ;)

'til the next post!


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