Monday, February 28, 2011

Mercato Market

Early in the morning, a few girlfriends and I decided to check out what the deal was at Mercato Market. I'm had a wedding to attend and host that day, so I had a quick brunch with them before leaving for the church.
I had heard that this Manang's fried chicken was better than Bon Chon, so I decided to have this for lunch without batting an eyelash.

The chicken is cooked and seasoned right in front of you. You have a choice of either Original, Mild Spicy or Extra Spicy. I'm not a fan of spicy stuff though I can take them, so I chose original.

Honestly, I was disappointed with it! It's so not better than Bon Chon. It feels like it's missing Bon Chon's secret ingredient, which is Ginseng. Sorry people, I'm a Bon Chon girl all the way. Haha. I have a feeling that the reason to why the people on Team Manang's like this better is because they have the option to choose Mild or Extra Spicy, whereas in Bon Chon they only have the Extra Spicy option. Oh well, c'est la vie!

I only had 3 Chicken wings out of the 6 that I bought for 120 Php. Then it was dessert time!

Surprise! Look at what I found! I have blogged about these before (link here) and they impressed me once again! I got a box of 12 standard macarons to take home and a box of these minis, which I shared with my friends. :)

One would think that these minis would be crunchy all the way and not as good as their standard older siblings, but they weren't at all! They were how a macaron should really be-crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The small ones are a cylinder of 12 for 220 Php, and the standard are 12 for 450 Php. :)

And lastly, right before I left, I couldn't resist having one of these. I tried two of them on my last trip with friends to Tagaytay - Caramel and Vanilla. They weren't anything great. But for the love of Rose!

I had a Vanilla Rose mochi ice cream ball and it was lovely! All of you must know that I love everything roses. The color, the flower, the taste and smell, everything! Haha. So I really enjoyed this one. :)

So, would I go back to the Mercato Market? Probably not. I wouldn't go for the real food but I would go back for the desserts. And since I'm on a diet, I definitely won't be going back. I hope. HAHA!


  1. Hey you can be a hand model! (But you have to lose that band aid first) :)

  2. I just got rid of it tonight! Haha :) Sorry about that!

  3. I love Mochiko! & I don't mind going back for the paella negra there that's also sold in the Salcedo weekend market every Saturday!

  4. Mahaha I would too, if I enjoyed seafood :P I was very impressed with the Vanilla Rose Mochiko! :)

  5. Ay sayang di pa tayo nagkasabay ng pagpunta dya, my family and I were there last February 26 eh

  6. Yeah nga! :( I was in the wedding na by then :(