Monday, February 28, 2011

OPI polish

So here's a more girly post :) I was having my nails done, and I didn't feel like my usual shade of pink. I wanted a stronger pink this time, quite close to red. These were the top 3 shades that I picked:
(L-R) Cara Mia Crimson, Dutch Tulips and Cajun Shrimp

It's already my second time to pick the Cajun Shrimp along with other shades, but I didn't decide to use it again because on my nails it was a little too orange. It wasn't in the pink family actually. So Between the Cara Mia Crimson and Dutch Tulips, I ended up with...

Dutch Tulips! I didn't like the Cara Mia Crimson either because it had a little bit of a sparkle. I was feeling like a flat pop of color that day. And as always, I'm really hoping and praying that this polish stays chip-free for more than three days. Actually, I'm lucky if I can even get past a day without chipping it! Working with so many metal rulers, pencils and the like can mess up a manicure really bad.

I know that there's a polish craze going on right now, particularly affordable ones like the 99 Php Elianto shades, but I'm too scared to try those because like I said, my polish chips off very easily. I only trust two brands to stay on for good, namely OPI (of course) and China Glaze. Another thing that I love about OPI are their quirky color names. One of my dream jobs, actually is to be on the naming team for OPI! Haha, dreaming is free.

Well 'til the next post. If this wasn't enough for you, let me SHATTER your minds with something new in a day or two! I'm so excited to reveal this baby as soon as I get it :D


  1. i agree the names of opi nail polishes are insanely funny and out of this world! :D


  2. I have used OPI for years. "Cajun Shrimp" and "I'm Not Really A Waitress" are some of my favorites. I'l be checking out "Cara Mia Crimson" soon as it looks like a great red.

    To keep your nail polish from chipping, consider purchasing SECHE VITE (Dry Fast Top Coat). Sally's Beauty Supply in San Antonio had the best price at $7.95. I've used this product for 20+ years. Put 2 coats of nail polish on, then immediately coat the nails with SECHE VITE. In under 5 minutes my nails are dry, set, and when I press on them there are no finger impressions. Finally, and most importantly for you, the polish doesn't chip. I work in the paint department at a hardware store and constantly clean my hands with windex to get the paint off my hands. (Yes, windex.) The polish just doesn't chip. SECHE VITE drys and sets your nail polish and puts a durable clear coat. Enjoy!