Friday, February 25, 2011

Derma Visit

Two days ago, I went to my dermatologist to have a glycopeel cleaning. A girl has to be beautiful all the time, and everybody knows that in this day and age it's rarely all-natural. My regular facialist is none other than...

Belo Medical Group! I've been a happy and loyal client of theirs for almost 6 years now, and I've been to a lot of dermatologists since I hit puberty, so saying that I've been loyal to them for so long means a lot to me.With other dermatologists, they don't mind you when you say it's too painful, and the scars last forever! Whereas with Belo, they give you mini breaks in between your treatment (as long as it's in your allotted hour/s) and I feel confident that within four hours, with makeup you're good to go out and enjoy the rest of the day. Or if you're eager enough to go in the morning, by the evening your scars are almost gone and all you need is a little concealer and blush.

Their waiting room is very nice and comfortable, there are plenty of reading materials to choose from. On the wall opposite the reception there is also a big-screen LCD television showing documentary-like films of people that Dr. Vicki Belo and her staff have done in the past. It gets really interesting, especially hearing the people talk about their experiences before and after, and how much happier and confident they are after their treatments. Oftentimes I don't want to leave for my treatment when I'm called in the middle of a film. Haha :)

I was in for a surprise when I went into the waiting room this week. The aroma of the room was so calming and soothing that I had to ask the receptionists what scent it was. On their incense burners was peppermint oil. Who would have thought that peppermint gives the room such an uplifting vibe? I'd heard of Lavender, Jasmine and even this scent called "Babe Type" (HAHA!) but I'd never actually encountered peppermint until now.

Once you're settled down in the waiting room, your facialist will personally go up to where you're seated, will call you and lead you to her treatment room. The rooms are clean and packed will all the cupplies she will need for your treatment. I get the most gentle treatment because my mom always tells me that while my skin is young, I shouldn't touch it too much. The treatment that I get called Glycopeel Cleaning. It's a facial peel that's made out of natural fruit acids and is gentle enough to be done every week, but my prescription is every two weeks. I don't go too often though, only when I really feel that I need it. Maybe once a month or every other month :)

By the way, hello Prada baby on the reclining bed! I got her two years ago in Florence. :D

A timer, telephone, supplies and sterilizer...

This is a photo of the sink, soaps and towels. As for my treatment, first the facialist washed your face with their Obagi cleanser, then with a cotton bud and personal electric fan, she'll appl the glycolic peel on your skin. I find the use of the personal electric fan because it shows the cheeky and cutesy side of Belo, which is also part of what led me to try this as well as great raves from my friends in high school. :)

After that she'll start extracting your pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Now this is the painful part!! :( Depending on how many you have, you just have to stand it and pray you fall asleep. Haha! I have lots of comedones on my nose, which are oil deposits that are barely seen but still there. So that part hurts the most and I always get that part done first. Next is the right face because it hurts more than the other side because the face really has more nerve endings on that side, and then the left side of my face.

This vaporizer is on for maybe the first 20 minutes of your facial. It keeps the pores open (and humidifies the hair. :\ ) Haha but I don't complain.

After the facial I kept with my mantra that at least by the evening it will be gone, and definitely by the next morning I had a happy smile on my face, ready to go back to school as if nothing happened. Okay, I'll be honest. Of course my big pimples had a little red marks, but those were only two that could easily be covered up with concealer. Haha!

Like they say, Beauty is pain, and the vain never complain!

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  1. Hello! Di ba nakakabutas ng mukha ang glycopeel facial?