Saturday, February 12, 2011

Banana "Birkin" Craze

Another Asian frenzy that we should all love!

So what's all the hype about this Banana "Birkin" bag? I was so obsessed with looking at photos all over the internet that I just HAD to get one of my own. Oops! Haha

The original six colors pictured above were such a hit when they came out last year that the company just had to make a Christmas collection.

In my opinion, the Christmas colors set a different tone. They're much more muted formal that the first collection. The first collection is a more fun, playful side that adds a pop of color to any outfit. So of course, which one did I choose?!

Maybe some of you would think, oh, no surprise there! Haha :) But I was seriously so torn between 4 colors! Namely Sweet Pink, Tiffany Blue, Midnight Magenta and Supper Champagne Grey (on the lower left of the Christmas collection). But of course indecisive me took so long that they already sold my first and second choices, the Sweet Pink and Tiffany Blue! And the Supper Champagne Grey wasn't in stock o I had no choice but to pick the Midnight Magenta. It was still a choice, and I knew I was going to fall in love with whichever one I got anyway! And yes, it is in fact SUPPER Champagne Grey. Haha, so funny!

This baby is special too, because it's partially handmade and the company can only make approximately 6 bags per hour due to quality control. They're eco-friendly, using all man-made materials. It's made of photo-printed canvas and the handles are faux leather.

In person, the pink isn't so bright. It's in between a light pink and a hot pink, which is good because it's a pop of color that's not screaming at you. :)

The bag is quite small, it can't hold much things :( I originally wanted it as a school bag, but since not a lot of things can go in it I guess when I get tired of using it to go out I'll make it my exercise bag.

Thank you so much to Mouse, who gave me this bag :D Best early valentine's gift ever!

The Banana Bag is available on for Php 4000, much cheaper than in other countries. The best deal! :)


  1. Hi Saira! :)
    I got one early last month! The camel-y colored one from the winter collection, and I've been using it as a school bag for weeks! My laptop and chords fit, along with the huge Psych book I borrowed from Leya (lol), and like 2 notebooks.
    The printing on the back started to peel on mine, though, so that's kind of a bummer. :(

  2. Hi Kyla! :) Omg I thought mine wasn't normal, my printing is also coming off on tha back and at the creases of the handles! I'm pretty upset about this. :( This is why I only believe in high-quality bags. Sigh :( I'm currently using this as a school bag, too! It's really light and can hold most of my books.