Monday, October 11, 2010

Mom's x-year-old Speedy!

I can't give you the exact number of years my mom had this bag for because it will reveal her age, but it's definitely over twenty! Meet my mom's Louis Vuitton Speedy, the iconic bag that she had bought for approximately 20 USD when she was my age, 19 years old. :)

Funny story as to how she got this bag, one of her close friends was studying in France and when they were out here in the Philippines, her friend described this "new, up and coming designer" that was going to make history! So even though my mom didn't know what the Speedy looked like, she begged her mom, my lola for the money and sent her friend to get he bag in Paris. :) Imagine, for 20 US dollars only! As you can see, the leather vaschetta is so so dark already! I honestly hate the original color of vaschetta and always can't wait until a new bag gets darker. Thank God my very own Speedy is starting to get darker already! But obviously it's still a reaaally long way to go until it gets as dark as my mom's. :)

When beside mine it really doesn't look like a 30mm because it's so soft and slouchy already. I tried as much as I could to puff it up and make it stand as tall as mine, but it just wouldn't! I love that my mom and I got our first Speedies when we were the same age, 19 years old. :)

My mom promised this bag to me when I was younger, thinking that it would last old enough to still be used. It could actually but it looks far too vintage for me. Haha! I'm not sure if you can see but there's a hole already in the bottom from wear and tear. :(

Of course, you must remember that it's been in and out of use for over 20 years. That's way longer than the shelf life of most bags! This is why I love designer handbags. I get so so attached that if/when they get broken, I really have a hard time letting go :( I love stuff of good quality and I never get bored with my handbags. :) I have an aunt who doesn't really like spending on quality bags because she changes so often. Whatever works! :)

My mom won't let me photograph her replacement for her old Speedy 30. It's a Speedy 35 with her initials on it, too. :) she got it about 6 months before I got mine. :D

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