Thursday, July 29, 2010

Travel Ready! :)

I'm leaving for Singapore tomorrow, and I'm soooo excited! :) Even though it's just for 5 days, but only 4 if you think about it because I get there at 10pm of the first day, I'm super prepared! I'm bringing along my Canon 550d which I just got two months ago to take all of my photos. :D

I would post my actual camera but I can't find my point-and-shoot. Oops! Anyway, I'm super excited to use my new Longchamp Le Pliage that I bought in a stopover at the Korean airport on my way home last summer. :)

This is an old style from 2009 that I saw even when I was in Paris, but they didn't have this style with the zipper across and handles that go over the shoulder. I really like shoulder bags because they allow me to walk around with both of my hands free. And aside from that, Longchamp is really known for lasting long and being able to carry a lot of things, which it really does! Plus it's a nice color that won't look bad if it gets dirty. :) So really, it's the perfect bag for travelling! :) I was lucky enough to have found this even though it was out of season already. As my mother always says, if you can't sleep because you really want something, then you should really get it! :)

Of course when in a foreign area with no personal car to drive around, one will have to do a lot of walking. So I'm happy that I've broken into my Torys, they're the comfiest shoes ever.

Very recently I retired my favorite pair of bronze flats that I got in a Payless outlet about 6 years ago, and I was set on getting a pair of Torys to replace them. I'd been looking for a pair of Torys since last year but none of them caught my eye until I stumbled upon these! They're a wonderful color: under daylight they look like a bronze, but in photos they look pewter. The color stated in the stock name is Anthracite, which means a hard coal that burns easily. It's a pretty color really, and they have matching studded hardware logos that are equally as sparkly. I've always been a fan of sparkly things, but now that I'm older I've decided to tone down and wear them as accents instead of big statement pieces. :) These shoes were made for me!

So there, I'm ready for my 5-day vacation! I almost literally broke my back to go on this trip so I better have fun! Of course, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, "fun" is up to whoever is experiencing it. So I will definitely have fun, I'll make sure of it :D

Will post photos of my travels soon, stay tuned!