Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Baby!

So today I didn't have classes, as I don't really have every Monday. I was so glad that I had time to attend the Anniversary Celebration of Jul B. Dizon Jewelry and Janina! Since I got back from the States last month, I put myself on a "shopping ban" because I had spent so much over there. But one of my biggest weaknesses EVER is jewelry. :( I take after my mother, who has a fetish for it too. When I was a child, I loved jewelry and everything shiny! Up 'til today my favorite colors are pink and gold, which is ironic because I loathe the color yellow. Haha!

So I was thinking that we weren't going to end up going because (a) The Shangri-La Edsa Hotel was so far and (b) My mom was running late from work today, so when she got out, which was rush hour for everybody, it took us a little longer than usual to get there! But though we were late, we were still able to look aroundand I just fell in love with one of her necklaces! :)

I was lucky enough to have gotten this with a 30 percent discount and am so happy with it! When they're not too busy I'm going to ask them to attacha lobster claw so that I can double it. It's much more versatile than my previous purchase from them, I can wear it with anything! I didn't wear a plain black tee to the celebration of course, I just put it on so that the piece will be more eye-catching in contrast to the plain shirt. :) This is a sterling silver chain with an assortment of a nugget and discs in gold-plated silver, round freshwater pearls and flat circles in rose quartz. I'm so happy that I got it for a very very good price!

Thank you so much for having me, Candy and Janina! I had so much fun looking through your pieces and I will see you very soon for sure! Shopping ban, what you talking about! HAHA! :)

After the show, we dropped by Tita Maki's to pick up some gherkins for my raclette, which I'm having in the morning right before I go to school! Mmmmm thinking about it now and I can't waaaaaaait. :D Raclette isn't raclette without gherkins! For the past few days I was having it on top of crackers with Hungarian sausage because we didn't have Gherkins. Now I'm so excited to have it oozing onto my plate! :D

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