Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Perfect School Wallet

After a few months of looking, I finally found it! And it was just hidden away in my closet! Last Christmas, my Lolo's brother gave me a Kate Spade pencil case. I've read numerous quotes on the designer herself using a pencil case as an evening clutch, and while avoiding my schoolwork, I finally found the perfect use for it!

This pencil case is perfect for me because it holds all of my things nicely: My phone, iPod Touch, my school ID and of course, some money.

My previous school wallet I love equally, but it was too slim that I felt it would break if I tried to fit my phone and iPod Touch in between the tiny metal clip. But I love it too much to let it go, so it's now my wallet for going out. :)

And as for my super old Coach wallet for going out, I've decided to set it aside for now until I get tired of it or if one of these break (God forbid!). A little fun fact though, I got this wallet for my GRADE SCHOOL graduation, which was 7 years ago! If this was any old brand, it would be beyond broken by now! But noooope, it's still in very good shape and I can see it in this way for a loooong time from now. Maybe after I'm married and with kids already! But I think I'll be moving on to longer wallets so for now, this wallet will be in my drawer for quite a while. :)

Hope you all enjoyed this entry! Keep on being creative with your things :D

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