Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sariwon Korean Barbeque, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig

I love Korean food! I think it might be one of my favorite cuisines. The funny thing is, I only got around to trying it for the first time when on my flight to New York, the food was bibimbap. My aunt and cousins highly recommended we get the bibimbap over whatever choice on the plane, and we did just that! Ever since, I've been graving for bibimbap regularly.

I'm loyal to Bulgogi Bros. for bibimbap, but when I took my family there they didn't really enjoy the value for the food. :( they really like this place better, and I agree that for the price of the meat, you definitely get more. So for carnivores, this is where you should go!

Nice, simple decorations with comfy seats. For yakiniku restaurants, I noticed that the booth-type configuration is most employed to ensure that everyone gets a chance to cook the food in the burner in the middle.

Each place setting comes with a dehydrated towel, a cup of tea and the metal chopsticks with a spoon. So practical that in Korean restaurants, it's chopsticks and a spoon. Makes things so much easier to eat, especially when you're hungry! Haha.

Like any other Korean place, when you order, you get a bunch of free side dishes. from left to right, then upwards: cold brean sprouts with mixed veggies, a scoop of sweet potato mash, kimchi bean sprouts, side salad, more mixed veggies, kimchi and crispy anchovies with chili.

This was our Tohsisal (Php 395) that my mom ordered. She was wanting a meat dish that wasn't so marinated. The waiter suggested this to her and that's what it was. On the menu, it's described as "fresh USDA Choice short plate."

Personally I don't like plain beef with no marination. I don't know many who do. But my mom was happy with her order and that's what she asked for, so that's what matters! If you're one hungry person, this plate should be enough for you.

Our Galbi! (Php 545) Im guessing this is a bestseller on their menu as it was first on the list of meats to be grilled on the table. There were really good and juicy! They're short ribs, much like the one in Bulgogi Bros. This can feed one to one and a half hungry people, or two normal people with rice. Hehe

And my favorite of them all: Dolsot Bibimbap! (380 Php) It comes with one cup of rice and assorted vegetables. We mixed in one extra rice (Php 60) so that it could feed the three of us well. I'm a little bit disappointed that Sariwon only has one kind of bibimbap on their menu, and it's not even with beef. :( There are actually 2 kinds of bibimbap on the menu, but it's exactly the same ingredients and the same dish in general, served in a different way. The other one just comes in a metal bowl. That's it! This was good, but just because it was bibimbap and because I love bibimbap. Meh.

Haemul Pajeon (350 Php). I think my sister ordered this. This is described as a traditional Korean pancake with oysters, shrimp and squid. I don't eat ship and oysters but I took a chance, closed my eyes and took a bite from this pancake, and loved it! It was crunchy and made a good side dish along with the beef and bibimbap. :)

For dessert, you get a complimentary cup of sikhye, which is a sweet drink with floating rice bits. It was good, and really cleared the palette. If you want another one, you'll have to pay Php 60.  

So overall, Sariwon is a better value for money, but you really get what you pay for. Nonethe less, it's a really good family restaurant because portions are are just the right size for sharing, but small enough that you will be able to try out all the things you want to try.

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  1. No one likes Bulgogi Bros because you ordered weird hamburger stuff when we went.....