Sunday, February 24, 2013

Etude House Juicy Cocktail in Love Violet

Do you guys remember my post on Etude House Ombre nails? Well, here's another one! I really like this one but my first time applying it did not go so well. But, I found a way to fix it!

I went on a little obsession over ombre nails after I received the orange set, and requested for two more sets of nail ombre polish from my secret santa last Christmas. I'm so hoppy with this color!

Like the other set, there are also three mini bottles of nail polish that need to be applied one after the other, from lightest to darkest.

I started off with two thick coats in the base...

Then I applied the a thin glitter coat up to 3/4 of the nail. This was my mistake!  I should have known better, that only the tips would look good. :( Next time, I should put it at 1/2!

Then finally, the darkest coat at 1/2 of each nail. Hmm...

Not much of a fan of this way. But I promise you, when I did it the second time around, with the 1/2 and 1/4 of the nails, it looked way better! But since I had this manicure on already, how to fix it?

I decided to try some Japanese nail art! This is called a FIMO stick, where a design is produced in sticks, and the stick needs to be cut into little flakes to be stuck on the nail while the polish is still tacky.

I pressed the FIMO pieces on the nail, right where the darkest color ended. It just added the oomph that I needed! These nails are for a fun event or just for every day when you are in a bubbly, girly and/or kiddy mood. They make a great conversation piece; a lot of people who saw my nails when I did this couldn't help but ask me how I made this! Little did they know that it was so easy to make, practically anyone can make this style.

Do you like my FIMO stick? Kikay Online Store generously gave it to me along with other products that I may be featuring in the future. She has a lot of unique products like nail caviar, sequins and other nail art things! She also gave me some nail dotting tools which I will definitely use in the future, when I actually decide to start drawing on my nails. Did I mention that these FIMO sticks are crazy cheap with her? Php 4 per stick! Grab them while you can!

Til the next post!