Friday, March 8, 2013

Celebrations, celebrations!

On the week of my thesis defense, I was so stressed out with all my preparations but I made sure to schedule a night out with my friends for that evening! Pass, fail or amazing, I was all set for a great night out with my girlfriends!

My friend CC reserved a table for us at Opus in Resorts world. It was another night of drinks and dancing for us!

Charm, CC and yours truly. I met these girls when I was on my first year in college, and we've been close since!

My friend Blair's boyfriend ordered Champagne Mimosas for all of us to celebrate my finishing college successfully! Thanks so much Ian! That made things REALLY feel like a celebration! :)

The girls hamming it up for the camera!

Things began to get a little crazy when we were dancing and sipping our mimosas. Our glasses were refilled by the servers constantly and we didn't even notice.

Dancing anf having a good laugh with my girl CC :)

The hot, new couple of the night, Rica and Josh! It's their second shot at love together, don't they look so happy? 

 Our table with the glasses, carafes whatnot. Aside from that we had a bottle of tequila silver and Jack Daniels for the boys.

The whole group. Thanks for celebrating with me, you guys! I had a blast! Something great is coming your way tomorrow ;) We're just about to have even more fun!

'Til the next post!