Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mika Ninagawa for Shu Uemura

Last summer, I had a major tan from all the beach trips that I was going to with friends and family. So all of a sudden when I had to go to a wedding, I was fixing my makeup and aaaah! My foundation wasn't my shade anymore! I survived that day with my mom's foundation, but the next weeks I searched far and wide for the perfect shade for me.

I tried Maybelline, Loreal and even Shiseido, but wasn't happy with them! Something always bothered me: some went on too thick, some made me look too yellow and even too white. People say that in love, it is when you're not looking when you find, and wow this renders true for me even when it's not about love! Haha :)

I actually fell in love with the compact before the actual powder. Yes, I am a sucker for super cute packaging. Aside from Shu's limited edition guest artist collections, I love Benefit's cheeky names for their lines and hollywood packaging. So anyway! I bought the compact case along with my mom's cleansing oil, and just carded it without asking her so that she would get me the refill! Haha. The powder itself isn't cheap, and what sucks is that you have to get the case individually as well. The case costs 700 Php at Rustan's and the refill is 1800 Php.

What I love about Shu is that it's an Asian brand, so what company would know better about Asian skin tones than ones that were based here? :) Plus because I'm one of the lighter skin tones, but with yellow as my base, it's often hard to find a powder with my exact skin tone. So yeah, this one impressed me very much!
My shade is no. 764-described as a warm undertone. Since this is a powder foundation, I pat it on lightly with the sponge and it gives me minimal coverage. Just what I need for sunny hawaii! And a good plus is that it's SPF 26++! So yay for that! I still put on sunscreen moisturizer daily though. :)

Greetings from sunny Hawaii, by the way! Will get back to blogging very soon. I apologize for the huge, unannounced hiatus as to I was a working girl for the whole month of April! But now that that's over, I've been able to settle down and relax. Back to la dolce vita! :)

Will keep you posted!

xx Saira