Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Circles Buffet, Shangri-la Makati

My sister and I were lucky enough to have gotten a buy-one-take-one voucher from Shangri-la when they held the promo a month ago.

I've been going to Circles since I was a little girl, and I haven't tried a lot of hotel buffets because whenever I'm asked where I would like to go, I pick Circles. But I do think that it's the best hotel buffet in Manila so far. I've heard that there are some pretty big competitors out there that I would like to try soon, though.

Interiors of Shangri-La Circles.

I have had a MAD craving for lechon for the past 3 weeks (no kidding), so when I got there, I immediately ran for this stuff! See the skin at the far side of the plate? I got all of that! Haha when I went back for seconds, they had no more skin so I guess that was over. Haha

The also had a prime rib carving station. They cut it into thin 1/4" slices and not 3/4" like how we do at home. It was a nice change and the port wine sauce that came with it was very good too.

Yorkshire pudding MMMMM. It went so well with my roast beef, I loved it so much!

Super cute shawarma station. I got some chicken shawarma but decided to only finish half because it wasn't worth the space in my tummy. I went for yummier things instead, like more roast beef! Hehe.

Pasta station that looked god, but I didn't bother trying. Carbs! Haha I'm sure it was good, but again, not worth the space in my tummy. :P

Bread station! Baby sister picking out her appetizer. She had this with brie and parma ham. :)

Dimsum station...

Cute Asian station! I had the basmati rice and thai peppered beef which was really good. :)

Iced tea station which we didn't bother getting. It sucks that it looks so nice but if you get, you're charged 200 Php++! But then again I'm sure their sales of drinks increased from this setup.

Dessert station!!

What I really remember coming here for in the first place, way back in the say when it was just starting to get popular. The chocolate fountain!! I had marshmallows, cookies and a mango crepe doused in chocolate for dessert. Yum!

Just looking at these photos is making my mouth water. I'm so sad that it's finally over! 'til the next time we meet again, Circles :(

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